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Open discussion for Men to share experiences relating to masturbation.

Erotic pictures & stories.

Topics: Panties, Voyuerism, Exhibitionism, Adult Magazines, Links, Amateurs, Asians, News, Tributes, and more!

Candaulist - Person who enjoys showing off their wife to others to admire when masturbating.

Cuckold - Person who desires their wife to have sex with others.

Jack-off buddy networking for meetups around the world & online.

A private club for heterosexual men to share erotica and enhance masturbation.

Record your masturbation blog.

Moderated Forums.


Loving & adoring view of women.

* This is not a porn site, very little amounts of content are posted, its a discussion forum mainly.

* Cum on pics, tributes is not the focus of this site. Only a few guys do tributes and usually do not take requests.

* This forum is not a replacement to COPP or other such sites, think of this as a forum to discuss masturbation.

* If you seek porn, hardcore, teens, cum tributes, or live chat then best to join discord.